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“Russ’s GM Jr Scouting manual is a great reflection of a person with a passion for detail, insight and the evaluation of football athletic skills. I don’t know anyone that puts more of his time and effort into his passion for this evaluation process than Russ. It is easy to call him the BEST!!”

Dick Vermeil,
Retired NFL Coach



“Russ Lande and GM Jr are a complete overview of every significant player even remotely connected with a chance to be picked. From future #1 pick, thru Mr Irrelevant and reaching as deep as an NFL personnel department for undrafted rookies their work + research is amazing.”

Randy Cross
College Hall of Fame
Long time NFL Broadcaster



“I have known Russ Lande for a long time. A tireless worker with an encyclopedic knowledge of the NFL and those players who hope to one day make it in the league.
He is poised, articulate and camera savvy. Someone is going to develop the next great expert of America’s favorite television sport”

Jim Nantz,



“Russ Lande knows a football player, because he does the long hours of film study, has scouted on the road and originally earned his stripes doing the first line of evaluation as an NFL combine scout for BLESTO.”

Greg Miller
Over 13 years in the NFL as a Scout who scouted for two Super Bowl Winning Teams



”Russ Lande and GM Jr Scouting are first class, professional, accurate and thorough. Russ does an amazing, consistent job of putting together all the vital information on America’s top college football players.”

Dan McCarney
Head Football Coach, North Texas Football



”One of the things that I respect most about Russ Lande (GM Jr.) is his willingness to be critical of any player he sees on tape. It’s his willingness to say something that goes against the grain which has helped him become a very good talent evaluator.”

Adam Caplan
NFL Reporter/



“Russ always forms an opinion off of tape study, sticks to his guns and is never influenced by what others think. Those are “key” attributes of an outstanding evaluator!”

Dave Razzano
Long time NFL Scout who has been part of five superbowl teams



“For years I have trusted gm jr to supply the best possible information on football talent we need to know about..russ lande comes through every time on every player.”

Chris Myers
Fox Sports



“An overall grade is nice, but what I like about GM Jr.’s draft guide is all the detail about specific strengths and weaknesses of each player. That kind of information is a great help when it comes to figuring out how players are going to fit into different NFL schemes.”

Aaron Schatz



“Russ has been in the business of personnel evaluation for a long time. He has an eye for talent and the work ethic to back it up”

Kevin McCabe, NFL Scout, Minnesota Vikings



“What I like about GMjr is Russ Lande is not afraid to make his own judgements on prospect even if his views are very different from the views of mainstream “experts”.
I also like the fact that he tells you what games he has personally reviewed. It lends credibility to his analysis.”

Eric Kennedy



“in the world of draft analysts there’s the herd and then there’s Russ who will always tell you what he really thinks about a player; the GM jr is a must-read to get a real insider’s perpspective … ”

Colin Lindsay,
Editor of the Great Blue North Draft Report



“Russell Lande distinguishes himself from other talent evaluators with an insight that rivals the best position coaches in football.”

Greg Buttle
Former NFL Linebacker



”It’s not always easy for scouts to transfer their extensive knowledge to media, but Russ is one who can and does. His reports and insights are always interesting and informative, and his annual guide always has the benefit of his knowledge and copious film work behind it. Even on those rare occasions when I don’t agree with one of his rankings, his reasons for those rankings always make me stop and think. Russ is one of the best in his growing business of advanced player evaluation through the media, and his success is no accident.”

Doug Farrar
Senior Writer, Football Outsiders
NFL contributor, Yahoo! Sports



”As co-host of the Mustard and Johnson show on the Red Sox flag ship station, WEEI, we have had Russ on many times. He provides excellent information on the NFL, it’s draft prospects and background data that no one else has. He is an indefatigable worker and it’s no surprise how detailed and accurate his site is even as the draft goes into the lower rounds.

He is highly regarded in NFL circles. He’s also an excellent radio interview with precise, well informed information.”

Larry Johnson
Weei radio
Mustard and Johnson



”I like that GM Jr is published in PDF format, which makes it quick and easy to search for player information. Russ’s very thorough and unconventional player analysis has proven to be accurate more often than not.”

Tim Larison
Customer and Denver Broncos Season Ticket Holder for 42 years



“Russ offers year in and year out one of the best Draft Guides available. Thanks again Russ for being back with us this year in PackerChatters Draft Chats and sharing your knowledge with our readers.”

Larry Garot
Wisconsin Sports Online LLC”



“Russ works extremely hard at his craft, and he is not afraid to go against popular opinion. When he gives you his take, you know he has done his homework.”

Clifton Brown
Writer, Sporting News