“Russ’s GM Jr Scouting manual is a great reflection of a person with a passion for detail, insight and the evaluation of football athletic skills. I don’t know anyone that puts more of his time and effort into his passion for this evaluation process than Russ. It is easy to call him the BEST!!”

Dick Vermeil,
Retired NFL Coach

GM Jr’s Guide to the NFL Draft is the BEST because it is written by an ex NFL Scout!! As always, this is the most comprehensive and thorough Guide evaluating prospects for the NFL Draft made available to you, the fans of the NFL.  This Guide is the ONLY GUIDE to utilize an alphabetical/numerical player identification, a Quarterback Rating System that Russ Lande personally developed and lastly, a grading scale of all the players that Russ believes have a chance to play in the NFL.

The GM Jr. Scouting crew will be heading down to Mobile, Alabama to cover the Senior Bowl.  We will be publishing the measureables right after the weigh-in, daily articles breaking down the practices and a daily podcast talking about what we saw at practice that each day.

This is a MUST HAVE for you, the football fan, if you want the most comprehensive analysis of all Draft prospects out there!  This years’ Guide offers some surprise evaluations of elite players!  To order, click on the Guide below.

I am Russ Lande, Founder of GM Jr. Scouting LLC, author of GM Jr’s Guide To The NFL Draft and U.S. College Scouting Director for the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL.  Thank you for visiting my website and your interest in my Guide.  This publication is based upon my skills and experience as a scout in the NFL and offers a unique evaluation system to provide the most thorough insight and evaluation of prospective players that hope to play in the NFL that is very similar to systems used by many NFL teams.

As a scout for the Cleveland Browns, I covered the Midwest section of the country for three years.  As is reflected in my reports, this experience has enabled me to offer unique insights based on first hand experience of meeting players and my long standing relationships with football coaches and scouts.  I am continuously able to gather unique detailed information not readily available to most evaluators based upon these relationships. In addition, my proven ability to correctly evaluate a prospect to determine if he will make it in the NFL, makes my evaluations both the most detailed and comprehensive in the industry.   Please see my Players Reports section for past player reports.

Lastly, my Guide ranks quarterbacks utilizing my self-developed Quarterback Rating System.  This system has proven successful with many of my evaluations, most significantly Marc Bulger, Tom Brady, Tim Couch and Brady Quinn.  That is, in 2000, I rated Marc Bulger as a first round draft pick.  Although Bulger was not selected until the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft and was released by two teams, he became the starting quarterback for the Rams in 2003, winning the MVP of the Pro Bowl.  In addition, I rated Tom Brady as the 3rd best quarterback in the 2000 NFL Draft, with a third round draft grade.  On the other side of the spectrum, I rated Tim Couch as the 6th best quarterback when he came out.  Despite being the #1 overall pick, he never panned out as a productive starting quarterback.  I also rated Brady Quinn as the 4th best quarterback when he came out.  As we know, he was drafted in the first round but never developed into more than a backup in the NFL.

Based upon my passion for the game, solid experience as a scout and unmatched ability to evaluate potential NFL players, GM Jr’s Draft Guide will not only provide valuable insight into players but help identify which players will succeed in the NFL and those that will be good short and term fantasy picks.

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